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Thursday, 02 November 2023 04:59

‘Save Money, Save Energy’ Expo — at Ijams this Sunday Featured

New Free Funding for Home Energy Upgrades that Save You Money workshop posterExplore how to reduce your monthly power bill and increase the health and comfort of your home.

Federal and local funding opportunities available at all income levels

KNOXVILLE — As the weather turns colder, many Knoxvillians start to worry about home heating bills. Fortunately, energy efficiency incentives and funding programs are available to Knoxvillians of all income levels through federal tax credits and rebates. Free local funding is available for qualifying customers of KUB through the “Home Uplift” program. Many Knoxvillians are unaware of these opportunities or unsure of how to access the funding programs.

Family-friendly Home Energy Expo

The local organizations that cooperate with small local businesses in the Save Money, Save Energy program and the expo and workshop at Ijams are the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE), Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB), Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development (SEEED), Sierra Club – Harvey Broome Group, Three3 (pronounced three cube) and Tennessee Interfaith Power and Light (TIPL).

Home Energy Expo at Ijams Nature Center, 2915 Island Home Ave, Knoxville, TN 37920 — Sunday, Nov. 5, 2023 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Save Money, Save Energy workshop starts at 2:30 p.m. (RSVP recommended to secure a seat)

Save Money, Save Energy Workshop at 2:30 p.m. on federal and local funding available to Knoxvillians

  • Billions of dollars through current federal tax credits and upcoming rebates to reduce energy use at home and increase home comfort through measures such as replacing heating and cooling equipment, weatherization improvements like sealing air leaks around the home or adding insulation, and installing energy efficient appliances.
  • Local funding through KUB’s Home Uplift program, which pays $10,000 on average for energy upgrades in income-qualified residents’ homes, spanning projects like repairing or replacing heating and cooling equipment, insulating attics and walls, replacing appliances, and electric water heaters. The improvements are made free of charge through KUB and their electricity supplier, TVA. Applications are open through the end of November. Completing energy efficiency work on homes often yields savings and can reduce energy burden and the need for utility bill assistance for households that participate in programs.

The family-friendly Home Energy Expo will be open from 1:00 to 4:00 PM

It will feature informational booths with local community groups, including displays and demonstrations such as:

  • Electric cars for viewing 
  • High-efficiency heat pump heating and cooling equipment
  • An induction hotplate to show how quickly and efficiently induction cooking works
  • An Electrify Everything Solar-Powered Dollhouse with all the accessories for an electric home: a model heat pump, mini split, electric hot water heater, electric stove, and EV charger

Attendees will be able to meet and learn from energy professionals who can perform home energy assessments, solar power installations, and high-efficiency heating and cooling upgrades. There will also be activities for kids and a food truck for refreshments.

Dr. Stephen A. Smith, Executive Director of SACE, said, “SACE is pleased to work with KUB, TVA and our community allies to increase awareness and education about multiple opportunities for people to do home energy improvements that can save them money and protect the environment. There are new programs available now and some still under development, so participating in Sunday’s workshop will give people the information they need to take advantage of funding programs and be part of the Clean Energy Generation.”