The Environmental Journal of Southern Appalachia
Monday, 30 October 2023 14:40

No one trashes Tennessee — It’s No Trash November Featured


It’s time for the 3rd annual No Trash November


This year Tennessee is out to make history again. All volunteer groups who regularly pick up litter on Tennessee roadways will rally together and host a cleanup event in November — cleaning up Tennessee right before friends and families visit for the holidays.

If you are an Affiliate, Grantee, Adopt-A-Highway or Youth group looking to register your event, watch this tutorial video and register your event on our event calendar.
Not a part of a cleanup group but want to contribute to a litter-free Tennessee? Here are 5 ways to get involved.
Interested in starting your own group? You can Adopt-A-Highway in 5 easy steps.
Show everyone why Tennessee is called the Volunteer State.