The Environmental Journal of Southern Appalachia
Sunday, 24 January 2021 14:38

Foundation for Global Sustainability

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FGS is a transdisciplinary educational non-profit advocacy organization. It works to restore the balance between human activities and the natural life support systems of the Earth. 

FGS publications, special reports, events and outreach inform and educate the public about vital regional and global issues and how they interdepend. 

FGS monitors and addresses social and environmental issues in the Upper Tennessee Valley and the Southern Appalachian Mountains. It fosters and supports conservation initiatives, including 

— action committees that address egregious assaults, on our natural heritage for example, which require temporary assistance only

— campaigns by other nonprofits, such as

— groups that want to address systemic problems in a systematic fashion. Among the latter, three evolved to establish themselves as independent 501(c)(3) organization: